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Gary and Patty Heiney

After serving 20 years in Venezuela, the difficult decision by our leaders was to leave the country we love, Venezuela.


There was a crisis going on that affected every part of life.  Lack of food, medicine, schooling, employment etc the List goes on.  The biggest factor was violence, lack of Security.


One Night, 6 armed men broke into our house to rob us.  One pointed a sawed off shotgun at my face about two ft in front of me.  As I ducked my head, he pulled the trigger and he missed me.  But God……..


Other incidents happened before that but that was the final straw for our leaders to decide that they cannot put us in harms way.


We are living in the USA right now waiting for things to Clear up so we can move back to Venezuela.  In the meantime we take trips into Venezuela for short periods of time to help with the works we have started there.


Many Venezuelans are living in other countries and we also are traveling to help them in their new Work wherever that might be.  They are wonderful, equipped and educated people who are doing a great Work in the countries they serve in.


Along with helping them, we also serve as interim Pastors in International Churches around the world.  When Pastors need to be gone for a few weeks or months we gladly help them fill their pulpit.  It has been a wonderful experience.

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Our daughter, Megan, and her family are currently preparing to go to Ecuador and help with the work in that country.

Our son, JD, is living in Dallas TX with his family and involved in business and Ministry.

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