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Even in a world of many needs, injustice’s, problems and pain we still have many things to be thankful for. Be thankful and tell someone thanks for how they have helped you.

Patty and I are so thankful for each and every person who has been a part of our lives and especially Samuels House. Your love, prayers, encouragement and giving has blessed us so much but even more has blessed the lives of our students in Venezuela.


We celebrated a special day for Maria. She turned 15 which is a very special time for girls in Latin America. It means that they are becoming a young lady. Our team at Samuels House made a special celebration for her.

Some of our students in our school also had a special guest come and visit. They taught our students about recycling, the importance of it and also how to recycle. The paper Mache puppets were made out of their recycled papers.

Each morning our young students Line up for prayer and to receive their lunch before going to school. In Venezuela as in most countries in Latin America, they are required to wear uniforms.


Venezuela has been suffering from heavy rains and floods. Many have lost their lives, homes, and cars. The rains continue along with the losses. We are trying to find ways to help them with food, clothes, medicine, housing and other needs that they have.

Please pray for Venezuela and her people.

They need God in a special way.


Again, Happy Thanksgiving! Patty and I pray that you will have a special time of thanksgiving with family friends, happiness and lots of joy and zero calories.

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