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On behalf of Patty and myself we want to say thank you for your partnership, friendship, prayers, offerings and all the other ways that you have shown us your generosity this year.

We pray that you and yours will have a very blessed and joyous holiday season even in this difficult time we are living in.


With every increasing inflation, many problems in the country and even with the covid-19 crisis, there has been one constant; GOD’S FAITHFULNESS

Our churches, Destiny Church International, have been working hard to reach people to help them, feed them, and give them the bread of life. Through feeding the hungry in communities, schools, jails, senior citizens and children God has used our churches to share hope.


One of our favorite songs is, Great is thy Faithfulness. We have seen God’s faithfulness in Samuels House this year. Two young men graduated from high school, Bridgette, who was a young lady who was with us before she left Samuels House was baptized, this year, and we were able to plant crops again.

We had our challenges, BUT GOD!! He always makes a way. School was online, quarantine is still activated and no gas to run errands but there was always a solution. The students are growing and we are so thankful for our leaders, staff and

workers. Each one is a special blessing to us.


We have been blessed to have avoided the virus so far. We are actively involved in zoom(online) meetings, promotional videos, daily contact with our friends in Venezuela and expediting food to feed the hungry in Venezuela.

Our 2 children & our 2 grandchildren, Landon & Serenity, are doing well and we are very grateful to God for His mercies.


We are also grateful to you for your faithfulness to partner with us. May you experience God’s richest blessings in your life, family and home.

Merry Christmas

Gary and Patty Heiney

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