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  • Gary Heiney


Patty and I are excited about this new year. We know we are living in the last days before Christ comes for His bride. Will you be ready? I know it is easy to focus on the negative and bad things happening around us, but, friends, God ready does have it all under control.

Romans 5:20 says, “where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.” Our Hope is not in man’s hands but the All powerful God. We choose to trust Him.


If you haven’t seen the special holiday pictures from Samuels House you can find them on my personal Facebook page, gary heiney, or at samuels house-venezuela page.

Thanks to a special offering to bless the students and families at Samuels House we were able to spoil them with some special times.

Venezuela has been in a very strict lockdown and so for many months Samuels House was Limited in what they could do and where they could go. The president lifted the lockdown for December so we were able to take advantage of the opportunities and bless the students.

What we did for them is not normal for them to Receive but thanks to the special Christmas offering we could bless them even in the crisis. Go look at the Pictures and enjoy our students enjoying their Christmas holidays.

Thank you to every donor, partner, friend of Samuels House.


Even though our Ministry trips were Limited due to the covid-19 restrictions, we were able to help Venezuelan Missionaries serving in other countries via zoom meetings, helping with Ministry expenses, encouraging and counseling and helping put several Venezuelan youth through Bible School.

Speaking of Bible School, we had two young men from Samuels House finish Bible school in December.

Brayan graduated in Argentina with His theology degree and will be preparing to go Work in the jungles of Peru with the unreached peoples.

Joshwa, finished His degree in Southwestern AG Universtity in Texas and will graduate in April of this year. Josh is planning on interning on a church staff in Texas while preparing for His future ministry.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS. Your partnership with us is reaching so many more people around the world than just Venezuela. God is faithful!!

Blessings in this new year, this new season.

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