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Happy New Year!

Updated: Feb 9


Thanks to special partners to Samuels House, we were able to enjoy a special Christmas and New Year season. Each student and staff received gifts, they took some new and exciting trips to a German colony, Colonial Tovar, drove go-carts, rode horses and had some special meals. I am always amazed but never surprised at how God always speaks to someone to help us just at the right moment. God Is Faithful!! Thank each of you for your faithfulness to Samuels House.


This past year DESTINY CHURCH was able to start 3 NEW CHURCHES! With great needs people are looking for help and/or solutions. Because of the continued crisis/inflation people in Venezuela are still suffering greatly. The new churches are meeting that need in different ways.


One of our responsibilities as missionaries to Venezuela is to visit and minister to the national Venezuelan missionaries around the world. This past Nov-Dec. we were in Germany and Austria to minister in an International Church in Kaiserslautern, Germany. We also visited the Calderon family in Nuremburg and then on to Vienna, Austria to be with Carlos and Tibisay Bravo. Both families are doing such an amazing job as they minister to their communities. Venezuela should be proud of them and all of the others who are serving around the world.


This year we will have served 32 years as missionaries to Venezuela. We still have partners who have been with us since the beginning! As we enter this new year, we are so grateful to each person and / or church who have chosen to join us in our calling to reach the world, specifically Venezuela! Our hearts are filled with gratitude!

We were able to be in Missouri for Christmas, and we celebrated with our children and grandchildren. Megan, Tech Carpenter and Serenity and J.D., Jenny Heiney and Landon.

With all of our love from us to you!

Gary and Patty

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