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Ministry in Venezuela



Samuels House is a children’s Home for abandoned Children.  Placed on 100 acres that has a Farm, campground and 8 houses to provide Care for the Children.

With the Farm there are cash crops, animals and the campground is rented out to organizations for different activities.  With these sources of income the goal is to make Samuels House self sustaining.

We are committed to raise the Children with Biblical principals and the Love of God.  We also are committed to give them a College Education.  We currently have 3 students who have graduated from College.

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Destiny Church International was started in the east side of Caracas by Gary and Patty in 2003.  It was created to reach the many Venezuelans in Caracas that wasn't being reached.  Today DCI has 5 satellite churches  not only in Venezuela but other countries as well.

DCI has sent out many workers in the the Harvest of the Lord around the world while  caring for the needs of the people in their Own City.

Social Needs is very important to DCI and the church is involved in reaching and caring for everyone, from the Government to the businessman to the students or in the prisons.  Meeting their needs through counseling, professional help or feeding those without food DCI is committed to them.

Venezuela: Programs
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